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Project Description
Simple Storage is a lightweight, extensible and object-oriented storage engine designed for Windows Phone 7 & XNA 4.


This is another object persistence framework for WP7 !

The objectives of this one are:
  1. Be lightweight - less than 100 ko is a must
  2. Be extensible - not agreed with one of the default behavior, missing one feature ... You should be able to improve the system to match your requirements
  3. Be functional - should work with a minimal set-up and let extensions for tuning purposes
  4. Be stable - the system should be consistent from one version to an other - who's like to rewrite its persistence layer at every update ?
  5. Be tested - unit tests, unit tests and more unit tests ! Even to manage bugs
  6. Be clean - the code should generate no warnings - or errors :) - during build and should pass FxCop and StyleCop tests without error
  7. Be object oriented - who's care about tables and fields on a phone ?
  8. Be open-source - LGPL - because licensing matter. Now you know

If some have read "be perfect" - I should say that you're wrong!
First, this framework is not transactional.
Second, a lightweight solution is for lightweight issues. If you have billions of values, you should really thinking about a services approach !

That's said I hope that it will be the (most) perfect solution for your needs - and that you'll let me know :)

Starting Topics

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